A word about us

“Go social media” is a social media management consultancy that is managed by SEO Shark Pty Ltd – the Australian digital agency. Our company is based in Sydney. We have been in the marketing industry for over ten years. However, marketing is not just our job, but it’s also our passion.
Besides social media marketing, we also offer search engine optimisation services, Google AdWords (PPC) and website development services.

We are a friendly and reliable team that pays detailed attention to your projects and social media management of your profiles.

We care about your budget, so you can be sure that all our work will be done at competitive prices.

In our internet marketing activities, we use all currently available tools to promote your business on the internet. We will handle everything from software development and graphic design associated with your content – one of the most important elements of any marketing campaign.

We offer comprehensive, internet marketing services. We plan and implement your internet marketing campaigns, prepare loyalty programs for your customers, design and prepare your advertising materials (posters, flyers, brochures), and much more.

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Read more about us at: www.seoshark.com.au

Nothing is impossible for us!

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We constantly seek optimal solutions that allow us to create a professional image for your products and services that contributes to your success. We are here to help your business be visible in the increasingly competitive online market. Our goal is to get all your products and services recognised on the internet.

Relationships with clients

We value lasting relationships with customers. Our loyal customers trust us to take care of their online social media needs and we aim to please and build an ongoing relationship with your business.

New clients can always count on us for our help and advice on any social media marketing activities they’re considering.

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Join our team!

Our agency is constantly growing, and this means that our team is growing as well – perhaps another team member of our agency will be you!

Our team is a group of young people who believe in the power of new media marketing. We share our ideas, expertise and experience with one another.

If you: want to work in a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere; are interested in internet marketing, especially social media; are a website programmer; or would like to work with our sales team, then please send us your resume.

We’d love to hear from you!