Most people look at the social media profiles of businesses before purchasing their products or services.

The advent of Social Media in the 21st century is nothing less than a revolution as it has reestablished the potential of the human voice. Indeed it is the most powerful platform ever that has enabled people from different geographic and demographic origins to interact with each other and share their views and ideas in the most convenient way. From personal likes and dislikes up to the most debated issues around the Glove, Social Media has created the ideal canvas to paint your viewpoint before the teeming masses.

So it’s very natural that the corporate world along with the big business houses and entrepreneurs has also realized the sheer potential of Social Media and is desperately trying to create their own unique identity in this Cyberspace. It serves excellent opportunities for brand recognition, lead generation, customer feedback and support and to expand the professional network. The most interesting fact is that people are also keenly following the social media profiles of different brands and businesses before making any decision. A recent report has unveiled the surprising fact that more than 88% consumers trust online reviews and nearly 75% practices purchasing based on Social Media references.

So what are the factors due to which Social Media is becoming so influential? Some of the most salient features that have surfaced above the rest are surely powerful enough to captivate our senses.

  • socialTrustworthiness is the key factor – What most Businesses have been able to do is to successfully carry their trustworthiness from the real world to the digital space. This has surely eased the process of gaining the customers confidence and to create more loyal customers. The brand value is itself attracting a huge customer base and aggressive marketing is adding to the cause. The result is that people are attentively following their profile and are making decisions based on that available visual information.
  • The instant Bubble – The leading social media marketing strategy over the social media platform which is resulting in the formation of huge hype among the followers. A huge section of the global population is regularly following social media and is consciously gathering a lot of information about various products, brands and services. This is creating a huge impact which results in the development of a new market and a legion of loyal customers.
  • The World is my neighborhood – Social Media has somewhat compressed the whole world into a small box and a decision made by the larger section of the community is creating a deep influence on others. Everybody is trying to follow a global trend which is resulting in unidirectional decision making habits.
  • The Power of Communication – People are communicating more than ever and this has created a true global community, whose tastes and ideologies are constantly overlapping and merging to create a new unique one. So the action of one is creating a reaction on the other. People are relying more and more on online references and reviews than their personal choices and this is resulting in an ever-increasing fraction of the population who are dependent on the social media to make their decisions.