5 Ways To Boost Your Business With Linkedin

Social media marketing strategy has become an indispensable part of Business Management and with the arrival of LinkedIn it has become even more important for entrepreneurs to learn how to use it to their advantage.

When utilized correctly, LinkedIn offers the perfect platform to boost sales and lift your business to another level.

Here are just a few tips on how to manage LinkedIn to your advantage and help create a powerful tool for your benefit.

  1. You can use LinkedIn to raise funding for your business.

It is important to remember that directly asking for funds for your startup isn’t in line with LinkedIn terms of use, but with a platform of more than a million entrepreneurs and various business owners, LinkedIn offers you a perfect stage to stay in touch with and be mentored by the experts in the field. Once you connect to these people, they can also invest in your business startup.

  1. Attract new clients by answering difficult business questions when it comes to your area of expertise.

QuestionsThere are various groups and forums on LinkedIn for the sole purpose of business discussions and conversation. These forums are the perfect platform to showcase your knowledge and pitch your brand to potential customers and attract possible new deals. When an individual has a certain query and looks it up on LinkedIn, your answer will show up, and this is a perfect way to advertise your skills.

  1. Use LinkedIn to expand your professional network and thus expand your business outreach.

This site is the third largest social media site in terms of the number of people who visit it after facebook and twitter, except it is solely for professionals. Therefore you can interact and connect with other professionals and expand your network. Every time you share content, it is shared with your entire network and thus you get to advertise your business to your selected business community, and potential investors as well.

  1. Find the right vendors on LinkedIn so you can outsource services which your business requires.

Being connected to a network of your peers allows you to look up the people perfect for jobs that you are not an expert on. Need a web designer for your business page? Or a photographer for you business ad? All of these services are available a click away and it also gives you the opportunity to be able to trade any service that you can offer with any vendor connections that you may have on LinkedIn.

  1. Targeted Ads

LinkedIn allows you to very strategically place ads in front of the people that you feel are the most qualified potential clients. Even better, you can choose which specific industries or businesses you really want to target and what exactly you want your audience to be. Your target audience can be as wide or as narrow as possible, but LinkedIn allows you to be very detailed about this process, and even gives people who saw your ad send you their contact information, offering a very efficient system.