10 effective titles for post on Internet

A good title makes all the difference. A title can be the difference between your post being widely read and shared across the internet or only getting a minor satisfactory prize like attention. The main purpose of a post title is to gamer attention and entices people to start reading your post. This is why the words that you use and how you craft your title is incredibly important.

Here is a list of 10 post titles that are guaranteed to get you your post recognised.

how to write

  1. Classic How to and who else wants.

A lot of popular blogs or websites have discovered a formula that yields results every time. A headline formula is incredibly effective when it begins with “How to” or “Who else wants”. Some examples are:

“How to have a successful business online.”

“Who else wants a great WordPress theme”?


  1. Identify and solve a problem.


“6 instant confidence boosters”.

“10 brain teasing puzzle solving tactic”

These are a few styles that cater to solve a problem. They attract a better response and a huge audience.

  1. Cleverly use gets rid of.

Whenever we get into some problem, we search the solution in Google. Why not try it in long serving problems like,

“Get rid of hairfall problems once and for all.”

“Get rid of your old washing machine soon.”

  1. Make a statement.

Sometimes we are unable to get into some attractive smart headline. In such case, it’s better to be direct and get to the point bang on.

“Twitter goes public: 21 things about Twitter you should know”.

“10 things about Michael Jackson you probably don’t know”.

  1. Use shorter titles.

Concentrate on keeping your titles to the point.

“Moon seems farther”.

“Rob banks legally”.

Try to avoid headlines that will dilute your message and distract viewers from the point of interest and your post target.

  1. Ask Questions.

Using a question as a title is an excellent opportunity to get people to click at your post. Question titles always attract responses.

“Are you seeking for the best hotels in New York?”

“Want to immediately solve all your health issues?”

  1. Do something like a world class example.

We all have some personality in our minds for whom we want to do something once a while in our lifetime. So using their name in our headline is a worthy approach to get clicks.

“Speak Spanish like a Diplomat”.

“Learn to rapp like PitBull”.

  1. Start with the secret of.

This one really works. Share insider knowledge and translate it into the benefit of the readers.

“The secret of making money”

“The secret of good heart “

  1. Go for an Intrigue Style.

Make your headline interesting and the reader will have to click to understand.

“Wall Street getting Kicked in the face by Asian Techs”

“Goes for marriage, returns with a broken head”.

  1. Use headlines that offer explanation.


Explanatory headings make things clear to readers.
“New shampoo leaves your hair smoother”
“How I doubled my money with Facebook ads”