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Facebook ads can directed to people based on specific parameters like age, sex, education, location, etc. We can also add additional parameters to provide more targeted messages based on the specific life situation of the audience you’re seeking to communicate with such as their marital status, the number of children they have and so on. This benefits you by honing the messages to the particular costumers you’re trying to reach thereby ensuring the efficient use of your valuable advertising dollars.

We can also create custom groups for you that enable you to target ads at the customers of your competitors! Now that’s effective!

How we work?

We work with you to determine the goals and optimal strategy for implementing your campaign. In doing so, we seek to communicate with the specific target group you’re aiming to reach so that you obtain your ideal clients.

To achieve the best results, we use the latest advertising tools available on Facebook such as audience targeting, ‘lookalike’ audiences, and remarketing techniques.

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Client  data such as e-mails or phone numbers can be used to create ads and display them only to your clients. It is also possible to display ads only to people who are not your current clients, but who you would like to become your clients. Of course, we maintain strict privacy protocols to ensure that information is kept securely.


‘Lookalike’ audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to customers you care about. We can tailor appropriate messages to your lookalike audiences.


Remarketing involves setting up ads that are only be displayed to people who have previously visited your website. It can continue to promote awareness of your brand as people contemplate their purchase decision. This helps keep your business at the ‘top of mind’ of your prospective clients.

How much do Facebook ads cost?

It is difficult to give a simple answer to this question because the cost of advertising on Facebook depends on many factors, such as:

  • the market that your ad is directed at
  • the click-through rate (or CTR), which means the number of clicks on an ad
  • the number of advertisers promoting messages to the same target group, and
  • the amount of your budget.

Rest assured however, because we work with you to ensure the most efficient and successful use of your advertising budget.

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What are the benefits of Facebook ads?

There are many benefits of advertising on Facebook. The main ones are as follows:

  • the opportunity to present your offering to the biggest and most engaged social networking site in the world
  • the potential to effectively target prospective customers by using advanced targeting criteria, and
  • the fact that Facebook is accessed via smartphones worldwide every day.

To access these benefits, get in touch with us to today to start your Facebook ad campaign!