Google Plus – A Quick Overview

Your social media marketing strategy is incomplete unless you include Google’s social media product ‘Google+’. Google+ is one of the world’s biggest Social Media sites, and it has unique benefits for a business venture.

So, What is Google+?

Google+, as the social network is named, was launched in the April of 2011 in a bid to compete with other surging social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It is an interest based social media website which helps connect people to their friends, family, acquaintances and also to the people who take interest in your passions.

How can I get a Google+ Profile?

Everyone is welcome on Google+. If you have a Google account, which almost every internet user has, you can simply activate your google+ profile through it. In brief, the google+ profile is basically an offshoot of your existing Google account; this is to make it convenient for you to seamlessly start with your Google+ profile.

google plus logo
plus profile

How does Google+ Helps Your Business?

Google, as a search engine, has the aim of providing it’s users with the best results for the queries they want answered. Google’s customers are the people who perform searches on it, hence Google tries to know more about them and also about their businesses or interests. It uses this information to rank content higher or lower based on its performance on Google+.

So, as a business, investing in Google+ not only displays remarkable opportunities for social growth, but will also affect your website, blog or online store’s search engine rank. It is also possible that something you posted on Google+ may appear in the search engine results pages.

Getting Started

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