Every time there is a webinar, some of the attendees get confused about what to do with hashtags. What are hashtags? What they can do? How do you make one? What it can do to boost twitter marketing?  Well, hashtags are called hashtags to enable Twitter users to be able to tag their tweets to give context to the tweets or assign them to be a part of a specific conversation. You can also use hashtags for your social media marketing campaigns to be able to build a community, to make a noise, to start a conversation within a specific topic.

If you want to deal with an issue, then others will be able to start talking about it as well with the use of hashtags. Twitter’s hashtags draw the discussions of various users into just one stream, wherein you can also discover by means of seeking for the hashtag thru the Twitter search or just by simply using a third party tool like HootSuite. We can use different hashtags just by putting a# sign just in front of the keywords that you would like to emphasize. You can look for Twitter hashtags for events, countries, brands, words, phrases and anything that you can think of.

5 steps to use hashtag for Twitter marketing

  1. hashtagYou need to be sure that the hashtags are just written in 1 word, even if you have 2-3 words in mind. If you make a hashtag, like #beautiful princess, then the word that will only be tagged is the word beautiful, since this is the only word that is closely linked with the # symbol. It will be best if you will write it this way #beautifulprincess.
  1. Make sure you don’t initiate a hashtag for your very own product, services or company. Though, you can always do this, it will look like you are just trying to make our own movement. It can break the company, because other Twitter users will think that you are just making an artificial movement. When you place a hashtag, make sure that it will be placed at the end of the tweet.
  1. You can actually promote a hashtag by enclosing it into another marketing channel. It will only be useful if others are familiar with it. When you start a conversation using the hashtag, you also need to add your current resources & channels as well. There are instances when during webinars, some add the event hashtag to their email just to keep others posted and to follow up communication for previous attendees, and to encourage possible attendees.
  1. Hashtags should not be used for sensitive topics that may lead to bad effects for the company.
  1. Keeping the hashtags precise and short is the best plan. Since Twitter users are only allowed to use 140 characters in every tweet with or without hashtags, keeping the hashtags precise can provide enough room for more audience comments regarding your content.