In this age of technology, it is absolutely imperative to have a strong social media presence even in the professional field. That is where LinkedIn enters the scenario! But what is LinkedIn exactly? Think of it like Facebook, except with a more professional edge to it. Employers, entrepreneurs, everyone uses this site to fulfill their professional needs and so should you! Thus it is only natural that one should try and get the most out of this social media experience, and these tips can help you to do just that.


  • Optimize your Profile so it is visitor friendly!

Make sure that your profile is identifiable and unique so that people won’t just pass it off as another profile. Put up a background photo for your profile as well as your personal profile picture but keep it professional. Edit your profile to add or remove different sections or re-order it in a way that best represents you.

  • Personalize the URL to your LinkedIn web page

Most URLs just have a jumble of numbers or letters at the end, but simply personalizing your URL will make your profile seem more professional and uncluttered.

  • Turn your profile into a resume

It is highly likely that an employer or hiring manager will go through your page to get an idea of your skills and all you have to offer. So make your profile even more detailed than your resume. Add your skills, and preferably some work samples too. Display what you have to offer.

  • Don’t ever ignore etiquette!

Your reputation matters a lot on LinkedIn. Be careful about your conduct and who you ask to be introduced to. Always be truthful and no gossiping! The more professional you are the better.

  • Find jobs with ease using the job board

Link your resume to the Job Board, and you can use it to get your dream job. You can also search for positions and save job searches, and even be notified if some new positions open up!

  • Make sure your skills are endorsed

Ask your contacts to endorse your skills. It’s easy and pays off in the long run.

  • Try and keep sharing updates with the connections you have

It is about ten times more likely that a hiring manager will go through your profile if you post something at least once a week. Make your social presence known.

  • Interact with people

Join a group, participate in a discussion, and write to a new connection. It’s all about networking.

  • Be intelligent about the network that you build

Social media is exactly like real life. Think over who you would want to build a relationship with and who you’d rather not invest in. Being intelligent about the LinkedIn network you build means you only connect with the people when you feel it is beneficial from a professional or a personal point of view.

  • Last but not least, make sure you check up on your page regularly!

Do try and log in every day for a couple of minutes and at least for half an hour in a week. Being inactive will get you nowhere.