Instagram is a photo based social network that is quite fun. As a matter of fact you can make use of this to promote your products and services, generate conversation and also more leads. Given below are some ways by which you can drive greater results for your business.

Add Links to Your Profile on Instagram

There is only one place where you will be able to place clickable links in your profile on Instagram and that is just below the bio description that you have provided. If you want to achieve success through Instagram then you need to make use of the links appropriately. The best part about this is you will be able to alter it as much as you like.

The most important aspect is that you have to link, is the URL of your website. This can be the landing page, the blog page, the product page or any other page that is there on the website. You will only have to change the link if you want the customers to shift to a particular product page for some time. This specific link should be there on the Instagram profile and change it back to normal when your need is over.

Display the Products and Services

The products and the services should be put in context and this will make your audience connect to the product. The products should be put in a familiar environment with a person wearing it. In fact if the users are posting photos wearing the product then share them as  user-generated content. If you have a reposting app then you will also be able to give credit to the audience. This is very rewarding on Instagram.

instagramKeep Text Overlays on the Images

Another way by which you will be able to enhance the photos that you share on Instagram is by putting an overlay over the image. Then even if you area sharing or promoting the sale, sharing the tip or branding a picture, people would not miss out on the message you have. You can make use of the various tools like Photoshop to create all the text overlays of the image prior to uploading them on Instagram. The overlays can be used to list the price and the various options of the product.

Make use of Clear Calls to Action in the Post Captions

You should make use of the post captions, this will enhance the post that you have shared and that in turn will convey a clear message to the audience. Post caption is the first comment that is posted after the Instagram post. Even if several comments are posted subsequently, the original caption will always be visible underneath the post.

Also make sure or your social media manager should make sure that you include a clear call to action option in your post and this will enable you to drive more traffic. In case you want the customers to visit or call your store then you should make that clear in your post.