10 Google Plus Tricks

Google plus is the new social platform! You might still not be convinced but wait for it. Watch out these amazing Google+ features and tricks and then let me know what you think!

google plus logo

  1. Make it public or private or keep it all to yourself!
    Yeah, I mean you can control who can view your posts. Although it is a rudimentary feature, it’s vital! You can share posts publicly or privately with one or more individuals and even those who aren’t on Google+ (without them needing to be a part of the Google family!)

How to do it:

-Share privately by adding just the name or email address of the people you want to share it with.

-Share it with your circle(s) by adding the name of the circle or simply type in the names of the -people or make it public for all!

If you want to tag or mention someone in your post, just write their name with + or @ in the front it in the ‘share what’s new’ box

  1. Word up your Post, Format it with:
  • Bold a word or phrase with asterisks: *bold*
  • Italicize with underscores: _italics_
  • Strikethrough something with hyphens: -correction-
  1. Shorten it up O Keyboard ninjas!

Use keyboard shortcuts to save effort and time. For example, just type a question mark (?) to see a list of all available keyboard shortcuts!

  1. Know the Ripple Effect Check out who has shared and reshared your posts and other statistics about your posts. Know the details by clicking onto the drop-down box on the top right of a post and then select ‘’View Ripples” and you’ll get data insights visualized for you.
  1. Create a poll and ask people to vote

List the options in the post, disable the comments (from the drop-down menu in the post) and VOILA! You got a poll.

  1. Make your own circle, as a bookmark for yourself!

Create a circle and do not add anyone in it. Rename it to something that you’d bookmark e.g. protips, precious photos, drafts, bucket list, notes, etc. You can create even an Evernote or pocket circle, meant only for you!

  1. Share your circles with others

Make a circle, add people to it. Click on people in the left menu > your circles > click on the circle you want to share. Then click the actions menu and press “Share this circle.”

  1. Create a photo slideshow for your profile

On Google+, your avatar photo links not only to your profile photo but an entire photo album (this one is public by the way) e.g. your creative work or whatever you want people to see. Just Click on the left menu, select profile. Go to the photos menu> Profile Photos> select “Add photos’’ and share with the world what you have to offer.

  1. Use a GIF for a cover or profile picture!

This is only possible on Google+!

  1. Auto-backup photos from Android or iPhone

By far, the best feature of Google plus is that it gives you UNLIMITED storage for photos and a lot more. Just turn on the auto upload feature in your Google+ mobile app and your media files will be synched with Google+and uploaded onto it.

So what it is that you are waiting for? Join Google+ today and enjoy the perks that the ONLY platform has to offer!