What Is Twitter and How Do You Use It?

Twitter is a website designed for many things and is not just something with a little funny name. It is used for fun by many people, but it also helps a lot in business. Essentially, Twitter is a social media website that allows the users to post short blogs to describe something or to answer a question.

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How Does Twitter Help Business Venture?

Twitter can be a great tool for a business because it connects so many people together. Using Hashtags, a business can generate traffic to their website and products. A Hashtag on Twitter will connect any users who searches that keyword or phrase . Any business who knows their target demographic well enough can use this great advantage.

Use a Strategy
Twitter should be approached with a clear strategy and intent. With clever use a Business can spark conversations and engage in ongoing dialogues with current and potential customers. Twitter is also the avenue that can make your business likeable, putting a public face to the business will make people more likely to trust the company and connect with you.

Build Reputation

Using re-tweets and observing and replying to ongoing threads of conversation is a great way for any starting business to grab the attention of their target audience and quickly build followers. After the follower count has built up, you can use Twitter to send out special offers and discounts, and advertise to your followers, who can also Re-Tweet you and spread the word far and wide.


Twitter can help the company stay connected with customers and clients and also help in finding new customers; it is also a great source to get reviews on your company. Reviews are very necessary for the growth of a company and Twitter does a perfect job in providing them so that every company can mend their mistakes and work according to the customer’s demands.

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