12 Basic Rules for Twitter

Twitter has over 361 million users of which over 80% are active users. Now that’s a power you can harness for your business. But you need to ensure that what you tweet matters and reaches your target audience. It’s about focusing on the 12 basic rules of:
twitter1. Define what’s your strategy?
Is it to listen, communicate, influence, or create awareness? Once your strategy is defined you can take it forth from there.
2. Be timely when sharing News and Posts!
If you want to be heard/retweeted you need to be trendy and up-to-date! Yes using keywords and hashtags helps but if the post gets late, it doesn’t stand out in the whirlpool of consistent tweets.
3. Be the leader of the pack!
Set the trends by telling what your business can offer and how that is the way to be. Tell your followers what they can do with you in the picture. Add a verb to make them ‘click’ or ‘watch’ or ‘re-tweet it’. Do not assume that they’d do it by themselves. Use assertive yet friendly adjectives and verbs that can make them do what you want them to!
4. Share information that’s useful
Make your followers realize that the information that you provide is authentic and useful. In case of emergencies or hype in the global arena, express your opinion and how the business can help, send condolences, spread the word etc. Also, because the character space is rather limited, you need to make sure each word matters. Remember: When one word is enough, two is superfluous.
5. Use a picture!
Tweet some text with a powerful picture. It will grab your brands attention and give it the persona it requires.
Also, have a headshot of yourself if you, yourself are the brand. Or put the profile picture as the logo of your business.
6. Use Hashtags.
But do not use more than two hashtags per tweet. Hashtags make you easy to research in the twitter world. Research and discover the trends which you wish to be a part. They don’t need to be big, just meaningful.
7. Use your Twitter ID in other places.
Put your twitter ID in your email signature, blogs, business card, bottom of any work that you publish. They’ll find and follow you soon!
8. Present a Small Offering.
Ask people to follow you and you could give them something in return e.g. a freebie, e-book, and some information. Make it easy on the apparent to claim the award.
9. Understand with Topsy.
Topsy.com is Twitter’s search engine. Join in because it gives your insight as to who sees, cares and listens to what you offer. You can view the stats in a trend graph of the past hour, month, say, week or lifetime since you’ve been on Twitter. Understand the trend and maneuver yourself accordingly.
10. Use Twitter Reach and Social Mention to provide analytical insights to your tweets.
11. Share your passion!
Something that you as a brand are passionate about will translate into emotions. And emotions always work. Share your work, ideas, pictures, links etc.
like12. Be Thankful!
Appreciation and gratefulness is always liked. So thank your followers, customers, and fans. One more way to express that is by retweeting those who tweet you. People love symbiotic relationships, be it even in the online world.